We are located right in the beautiful Borough of Pitman.


The smell and sight of our beautiful fresh cookies will drive your taste buds crazy. Plus, they are made right in front of you!


Come for our amazing cookies and stay for our brownie bars, variety of tea, and delicious mid-day snacks to get you through your day. 


  • What are your store hours?

We’re open 7 am-9 pm Monday through Saturday and open 8 am-9 pm on Sunday.

  • How should your cookies be stored?

Crave recommends storing cookies in a Rubbermaid container with a slice of white bread.

  • How much notice do you require for special orders?  

We prefer to have a few days' notifications but we will do our best to accommodate special requests with short notice.

  • How much do special orders cost?

The overall price depends on many factors such as Vegan, Gluten Friendly, decorations/design, and notice time. We can go over all of your needs during a consultation when placing orders.

  • What are your Vegan options?  

We always carry Vegan Chocolate Chip and Vegan Sugar cookies but do recommend contacting the store at (856) 690-0071 to see what Vegan specials of the day are available.

  • What are your Gluten Friendly options?

Our products are gluten-friendly. All items are baked in the same oven, however, our gluten-friendly items are baked separately, never at the same time as regular items. Also, we’re very careful about only using tools that are specifically for our gluten-friendly items. We have a pretty good selection, however, we take special requests so if you’re looking for something not listed, please feel free to call us at 856-690-1111.

  • Do you use Soybean or Cottonseed Oil?

We do not use soybean or cottonseed oil in any of our regular products. Most of our products use butter only, however, a few recipes call for vegetable shortening or vegetable oil. Only our Vegan items contain vegan spread which may contain soybean oil.

  • Are you currently hiring?

We always welcome new applicants to stop in and fill out an application.